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100 years of community, family, tradition, service and giving

by Judith Hruz


The Women’s Board’s annual Picnic and Bazaar may very well have given new meaning to tradition, just as the board has given new meaning to community service.

This year’s Picnic and Bazaar, set for 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. July 27, will mark the 100th time the beloved summer event will be held, and will give much deserved applause to the Women’s Board – and the volunteers – who have served the hospital and the community with such devotion.

“The Annual Picnic and Bazaar has been a family tradition for many generations,” said Christine Hill Wilson, president of the Women’s Board. “Many memories and friendships have been made by the community at the Picnic and Bazaar.”

She said people have commented that the Picnic and Bazaar has given Olney a small-town feel.

The 100th “annual” event should have been held last year, but was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year’s event also should have put an exclamation point on the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Board itself, who has raised millions of dollars for the hospital and scholarships for students in the medical field.

The Women’s Board, which began by supporting Montgomery General Hospital, now supports MedStar Montgomery Medical Center.

Despite the break in the streak, it is cause for a celebration.

In a brief video produced by the Women’s Board, the message is simple — the Picnic and Bazaar is:

A celebration of community.

A celebration of family.

A celebration of tradition.

A celebration of service.

A celebration of giving.

It is also a time for food and fun, and yes, the popular fried chicken, whose recipe is the community’s best-kept secret, and the other food and attractions the community has come to love will be part of the day.

Entertainment will be held throughout the day, but the schedule of performers had not been finalized at press time. However, Delmas Wood will return with his re-enactment of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Declaration of War.”

The day will begin with a brief ceremony featuring American Legion Post 68 and Montgomery MedStar President TJ. Senker.

The Annual Picnic and Bazaar has been supported by individuals, families, businesses and MedStar Montgomery for many years,” Hill Wilson said. “We are grateful for the support over the years; without it there would be no Picnic and Bazaar. We invite everyone to come out to this year’s celebration of 100 years of the Picnic and Bazaar and community to make it the best one ever.”


    The Picnic and Bazaar will be held on the old hospital grounds on Olney-Sandy Spring Road (Route 108), just west of Prince Philip Drive.

    Volunteers are needed. For information, visit medstarmontgomery.org/womensboard.

    To view the Women’s Board video, visit https://www.dropbox.com/s/u33sbwgzbopgp2c/Women’s%20Board%20E2.mov?dl=0

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