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Becker looks forward to his role as new president of GOCA –


by Terri Hogan

Senior Staff Writer

William “Billy” Becker is looking forward to leading the Greater Olney Civic Organization, which he likens to “a small-town government without the formalities of a small town.”

Becker, 67, grew up in Montgomery County and has lived in Olney’s Ashley Hollow community for 23 years.

He served as the second vice president of the organization, commonly known as GOCA, last year and was elected as this year’s president at the Feb. 13 meeting.

Although he is a relative newcomer to GOCA, both he and his wife Dee have served on the Ashley Hollow Homeowners’ Association.

He is an attorney with a practice in Rockville.

Becker is the neighbor of outgoing GOCA President Greg Intoccia, who persuaded him to get involved with the umbrella civic organization that represents the Olney Master Plan area.

“Greg asked if I could help and I was very impressed by the organization and its approach,” Becker said. “I think the individuals that came up with the idea of GOCA in the 1970s were very forward-thinking.”

Intoccia is confident in passing the reins to Becker.

“We’re very pleased and honored to have Billy as our new president,” he said. “Billy has a long record of advocacy in his professional life and he knows our community very well. Having served as a GOCA vice president, he has learned the ropes of how GOCA accomplishes its work, as well as its challenges and the issues in the years ahead. He is charged up to charge ahead in continuing to make Olney the great community that it is. I love his enthusiasm and positive attitude.”

The organization has nearly 40 civic and homeowners’ associations as members, which Becker believes provide a strong representation.

His goals for the organization are two-pronged: What can GOCA do for the member associations to make them better and how can they make GOCA better?

Working with other organizations such as the Olney Chamber of Commerce and the Olney Civic Fund, Becker also hopes to get more associations, organizations and businesses involved in community events, such as Olney Days, National Night Out and Community Night.

He also intends to work closely with the Olney Town Center Advisory Center to monitor development.

At its Dec. 12 meeting, GOCA delegates unanimously approved a resolution drafted by Becker requesting a minor master plan amendment that would ensure that when a property is developed in Olney’s town center it conforms to the master plan and that GOCA has the opportunity to fully participate in the discussion.

“Olney was created as a satellite town” he said. “We need to be aware of and sensitive to development.”

GOCA was still awaiting a response from the county on the resolution.

In his spare time, Becker enjoys golf and spending time at his vacation home in West Virginia.

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