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Hitting a high note: Musicians offer gift of music to neighbors –

by Terri Hogan

Senior Staff Writer

Neighborhoods are alive with the sound of music.

Despite the directives to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, musicians across the community are offering moments of relief to their neighbors.

The very musical Crompton family of Hidden Garden Lane in Ashton — Peter, Lia and daughters Eve, 17; Mary, 14; and Lucy, 12; — performed a concert from their front porch for their neighbors on a recent quarantined Friday night.

“All of us are cooped up and stir crazy,” Eve Crompton said. “It was just a nice way to combine our family music tradition with a way to get outside for a while.”
Peter Crompton had read about musicians from around the world performing for others — from a distance, of course — during the COVID-19 pandemic. That inspired the family to perform for their neighbors.

Peter is the “technical mastermind” and played the guitar, Lia played the bass and drum, Eve and Mary played the guitar and violin, and Lucy played the guitar and ukulele.

All joined in on vocals.

“I think it went well,” Eve said. “At first we were a little nervous, but by the end we were pretty surprised by the size of the crowd.”

The audience sat on nearby porches and curbs, stood on the streets and yards, and sat in cars – a socially safe distance apart.

One of the numbers featured Eve and Mary singing Pat Benatar’s “We Belong,” a duet they performed in this year’s production of Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival at Sherwood High School.

Although the show’s second and final weekend of performances was canceled due to COVID-19, the sisters welcomed the opportunity to reprise the number for their neighbors.

The family has played some open mic events at Sandy Spring Museum and done some neighborhood Christmas caroling. And although this was the first neighborhood concert, it won’t be their last.

The “Cromptones” have decided to offer neighborhood concerts weekly during the quarantine period, alternating between pre-recorded music and live performances.

Lia said one of the greatest things to come out of the concert is that she has heard from neighbors that they were inspired to pick up their own instruments or try new ones during a time when many have extra time on their hands.


Bluegrass in Brookeville


Across town, there has also been some porch pickin’ going on in Brookeville.

On a recent quarantined Sunday afternoon, town resident Buck Bartley was walking his dog when he came across “The Fire Hazards.”

The trio of Miche Booz, John Hartge and Bruce Evans was providing roadside entertainment along Market Street.

Bartley said about 15 residents showed up, all practicing safe social distancing while enjoying “Bluegrass in Brookeville.”

“They were just great,” he said. “We all had a blast.

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