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‘It’s Olney Time’: Learn what makes Olney tick

by Judith Hruz


Olney Civic Fund will showcase the nonprofits and organizations who are seriously committed to their civic responsibility, and will welcome the community to learn about their services and goals and strengthen the civic fabric of Olney.

A social event titled “It’s Olney Time: Meet the Groups that Make Olney Tick,” will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Aug. 30 at Lone Oak Beer Farm, 5000 Olney-Laytonsville Road in Olney.

“Strong civic organizations contribute greatly to the high quality of life in Olney,” said Jim Smith, chair of Olney Civic Fund. “They provide our youth with recreation and development, support our businesses, get us out to meet our neighbors at festivals and events, enrich our lives with art and culture, assist us in time of need, and improve our health and safety. The leaders of these organizations have important plans for the coming years to share with us.”

Olney is an unincorporated community, so it has long relied on the services of its clubs, organizations and nonprofits to provide services and supplement what the county government and schools might offer.

“For an unincorporated community we have been able to accomplish so much, in large measure, because of the many organizations our residents have created to address so many aspects of our lives and so many of our needs, “ said Greater Olney Civic Association President Helene Rosenheim.

“At the same time, many of those who live in the Olney area, whether they are newcomers to Olney or have been here for years, don’t necessarily realize who does what and how all of these things get accomplished,” said Rosenheim, who has been a longtime volunteer in numerous organizations. “So, it is our hope that this event will become a fun way to help ensure the longevity and effectiveness of all these groups that play a role in making Olney Olney.”

Matt Quinn, a board member of the Olney Chamber of Commerce, said “Olney’s sense of community is created by the many people who both live and work here.”

He added, “We have many nonprofits that are doing great work. Volunteering is an investment in the community that pays dividends that are sometimes hard to track.”

Quinn said people frequently ask why Olney is doing so well. “I think those who give their time to these nonprofits are the prominent  reason,” he said.

Groups who had committed to attend at press time include:

GO Rides

Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA)

Green Olney

Medstar Women’s Board

Olney Boys and Girls Club

Olney Chamber of Commerce

Olney Civic Fund

Olney Farmers Market

Olney Help

Olney Lions Club

Sandy Spring Lions Club

Sandy Spring Slave Museum & African Art Museum

Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

Winter Growth

Others invited to attend include:

Olney Town Center Advisory Committee

Rotary Club of Olney

Sandy Spring Museum

All are welcome. Free drinks and snacks will be provided.


    For more, visit https://www.olneycivicfund.org/itrsquos-olney-time.html.

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