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A message to motorists: Welcome! –

by Judith Hruz


A sign that had stood as a sentry in the northern edge of town now welcomes visitors and residents alike to Laytonsville as they enter the small community on the southern end of town.

It now stands guard in the new traffic circle.

The sign was originally constructed about 75 years ago, Mayor Jim Ruspi said, and was installed on the north edge of town on Laytonsville Road (Route 108).

A legend surrounding the sign tells that the sign should not be relocated because it was protecting the town from misfortune, Ruspi said, so the sign remained in its original location until 2019.

But the sign aged and one day just fell over because the wood posts had decayed.

“I had the sign repaired, but it was in very sad shape,” Ruspi said. “Finally in the fall of 2019, I decided to have the sign removed.”

Town Councilman Tom Burke wanted to restore the sign to better health. He worked through the winter of 2019 and into last summer.

Last fall, the sign was ready to be re-installed. Several locations were explored, and the traffic circle was selected.

The town received approval from the State Highway Administration (SHA) and the sign took its new place of honor in the center of the traffic circle on Nov. 6.

Goshen Enterprises Inc. dug the holes and made the sign compliant with SHA guidelines at no cost to the town.

Unveiling the refurbished sign in the traffic circle are (left to right) Councilwoman Amy Koval, Burke, Councilman Jim O’Hair and Ruspi.

“The council hopes that this sign will be there for 75 more years,” Ruspi said.

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